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oracle vip


Client: Oracle

Location: Global

Type: Virtual

Expertise: Customer Experience – bespoke experience

Services: Consultancy, creative content & storytelling

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Our client asked us to create an enhanced experience for a number of their VIP customers during a series of virtual meetings. Their ask was to deliver a moment to surprise and delight the audience that would combine ‘virtual and physical’ and prove a talking point long after the meetings had finished.

the challenge

Virtual events had taken over the world and withing weeks clients were asking us to look at way to make their ‘Zoom’ call the best it could be. We were constantly looking at ways to enhance the user experience, without losing sight of why the call was taking place. This client gave us one key word that was the catalyst for our creative thinking – “bespoke”. We set about creating a moment on the call that would clearly demonstrate to the audience that what was unfolding had been created purely for them.

the result

So, we wrote a song – a Finance Anthem, ​​a three-minute pop ballad with lyrics that address what it’s like to be a finance person in today’s digital and virtual world! A live, improvisational, musical performance, which showcased as part of the event making it a unique tribute to the audience 

Alongside the tune, we made a teaser ‘pop video’ of the artist introducing himself and mentioning that he has created something special for the event and that he was looking forward to performing live for the group. 

In addition, each participant received three Spotify playlists at the end of the event, each with songs thematically chosen to reflect the moods they go through when carrying out their roles.

such a great project, and what a solution you guys came up with! well done to all the team, a great pleasure to work with you. great job!


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