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we are aligning our commitments with the United Nations sustainable development goals, specifically goal 13 “climate action”

Goal 13’s focus is to limit climate change and mitigate carbon emissions and the effect this is having on our global temperature. All commitments within our policy are aligned with goal​ 13 actions and recommendations.

Our aim as a responsible business is to create a future fit for everyone. We therefore publicly support a 1.5°C future and are aligning our climate mitigation targets in our aim to reach Net Zero Global emissions by 2030 at the latest across our company operations. We have partnered with Ecologi and initiated their “Climate Positive Workforce” employee benefit for all employees. We commit to monitor, review and report on our progress on a quarterly basis and use the ongoing learnings to inform our approach to reducing emissions and waste across our operational and event activities.

We have signed the Zero Carbon Events Pledge, joining more than 600 organisations worldwide expressing their support for the campaign since its launch at Cop26.

The Net Zero Carbon Events initiative brings together industry stakeholders to:

•  Communicate our industry’s commitment to tackling climate change

•  Develop methodologies for measuring the industry’s greenhouse gas emissions

•  Construct an industry-wide Roadmap towards Net Zero by 2050, and emissions reductions by 2030 in line with the Paris Agreement

•  Encourage collaboration to ensure alignment and common approaches for reporting progress and sharing best practice

our timeline to net zero


accountability culture

we recognise that adhering to this policy requires every member of our team to play their part.  ​

We promote a shared accountability culture within our organisation, ensuring all team members work together to incorporate these sustainability goals into their day-to-day work routines and planning. ​

This will be achieved through training for staff, embedding these KPIs into our internal operational processes and engaging staff in the development of future KPIs.

meet the sustainability team

i am really proud that mcm are proactively working to reduce our carbon footprint as soon as possible, and supporting our clients in meeting their sustainability goals and ambitions

jade woodall
senior account manager – sustainability lead

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