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Client: esure

Location: UK

Type: Virtual

Expertise: Employee Experience – Business Alignment

Services: Consultancy, Event, Digital Experience, Creative Content & Storytelling

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This campaign had dual objectives. Firstly, to help esure bring to life their new ‘game changer’ internal strategy. Helping the UK workforce understand the strategy, and what part they had to play in bringing it to life in their everyday routine. The need for bringing everyone together was further heightened by the pandemic situation and lack of face to face activity in a head office environment. 

Having recently launched Yammer as their new internal comms channel, we were tasked with increasing the understanding and engagement of the new tool. There had been a certain amount of fatigue within the company towards online virtual events, so we were tasked with creating something that the client wouldn’t be capable of producing themselves. Our team called on all our experiences from 2020/21 and created a brilliant runway of activity that would answer all of the client challenges alongside keeping the audience involved and inspired.

the challenge

To achieve the two objectives, we designed a multi-channel comms campaign that bought to life the strategy and the benefits of Yammer. For example, we created a light- hearted video where SLT members explained what “game-changer” meant to them, and how they would be living and breathing it going forward.

To help bring to life the benefits of Yammer we launched an internal search for ‘yammbassadors’ this was designed to give employees the opportunity to take control of content, share what mattered to them and help to build the sense of community. 

Whilst this pre-activity was unfolding, we were planning Game Changer Live! – the virtual show. This was designed to be the culmination of the comms and consultations about the new strategy. Our aim was to end the month of communications with a game changing moment, to grab attention and really show that the new strategy was vital in driving success. Our 1 hour live show, presented in a studio environment, linking to SLT members around the country.

the results

The entire campaign has seen a shift in understanding of the key changes in strategy and direction for the company whilst equally as importantly seeing a huge increase and uplift in the use of Yammer as an internal communication tool. 

The Game Changer Live event captured all of the necessary business updates, messages and goals for the year ahead in a fun and informative way, but more than that – it raised the level of presentation and delivery quality which was an important part of the brief.

thank you team mcm! you absolutely nailed the gamechanger live event for us. i’ve had nothing but great feedback from all levels of the company, with everyone saying what a brilliant virtual event this was. i’m looking forward to rolling out all the other activity with you guys very soon. thank you all again!


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