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Client: Rubix

Location: Europe

Type: In-person event

Expertise: Employee Experience – Business Alignment

Services: Consultancy, Creative Campaign, Event, Creative Content & Storytelling

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This client is Europe’s largest supplier of industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul products and services.

The leadership meeting was originally scheduled to take place in 2020, but due to the pandemic the senior leadership team have not been able to meet together physically since March 2019. There had been many changes in the business in the intervening period, with many of the team never actually having met in person.

the challenge

Develop a 3 day offsite ‘problem solver’ event for the senior leadership team. 

The company strategy was set in the previous live in-person event in 2019, and this year the focus was to be on deeper implementation of the strategy, along with finding solutions to any barriers to the company growth, through solving customer problems.

The city of Budapest was chosen as our venue as it is considered to be the spiritual home of problem solving and the birthplace of the Rubik’s cube inventor Professor Erno Rubik – one of the event’s special guests.

One of the most important elements for the event was to have customers present, however due to some travel restrictions a few Customers were unable to attend so we had to pivot to virtual sessions for some of the participants.

Despite originally planning to host the event back in 2020, two years on, and still under the cloud of the pandemic, every challenge we received head on, we dealt with, to create a memorable and measurable event for a very satisfied client.

the results

All the planning and contingency that had taken place over the pandemic period really paid off as we were able to deliver a first class event for a busy pan-European leadership team with high expectations for their first in-person event for over 1000 days.

By focussing on one clear theme “problem solving” we were able to target all of our content solutions to deliver on that theme.

The stunning visual delivery of content in plenary sessions made the messaging extremely clear. The breakout workshops we designed with the client enabled smaller groups to deep-dive into problem solving at a local level. 

Social activities we also a big part of the ‘reuniting’ of this leadership team, and a structured city walk activity – during which delegates had to problem sole to score points on an app – immediately set the tone for the rest of the event.

From brilliant, focussed content, to expert delegate and logistical management – mcm ensured that this businesses critical event delivered on all levels for the client, and their customers.


i can assure you that i only entrusted the event to you because i was certain you could deliver it. and you did, so thank you for your support on this very important event for us. well done to you and all of your team.


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