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nicky milligan

Nicky is mcm’s Managing Director, responsible for the overall success of our business. She controls and oversees all business operations, steering the company to the most profitable direction while implementing our vision, mission, and long-term goals.


“with the rise of remote working, I’ve found new ways to stay connected and focussed.

“I enjoy the vast range of responsibilities that I deliver on, to name just a few: truly understanding the business, acting decisively and making challenging and quick decisions, understanding the financial realities, and ensuring we have the best team possible to deliver outstanding results for our clients.” 

“Creating the conditions for success is key to my role. I’ve always focussed on effective communication and providing team members with the information they need to do their jobs brilliantly. With the rise of remote working, I’ve found new ways to stay connected, focussed and cheerful. You have to keep talking to people.”

“I’ve recently moved to the Hampshire countryside, so at the moment much of my spare time is spent remodelling our cottage. I love designing new rooms and furnishings. I’m also obsessed with Pilates.”

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