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jade davies

Jade is a Project Manager. She takes ownership of delivering a seamless experience for her clients and always seeks to stay several steps ahead.


we strive to continually improve, creating ever-more extraordinary experiences.

“Organisation comes naturally to me – from my wardrobe, to my diary, to my friends! I’m not at all surprised that it’s become the core of my career. I love that my job comes with variety. No two days are the same and we strive to continually improve, creating ever-more extraordinary events and experiences.” 

“Destination events truly satisfy my soul. That could be a sunny location overseas, or a quintessentially British conference showcasing some of the UK’s best hotels and towns. I’ve come to learn that change can be a good thing. A change in mindset, opportunities or goals can make all the difference. Right now, I’m endlessly inspired by the pace of innovation in my industry.” 

“I like to think I’m quite the social butterfly, so I spend lots of time booking weekends away or nights out with family and friends. I’m also obsessed with spin class – there aren’t many exercises that make you feel like you’re in a club!”

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