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experience is everything

experience is everything

December 15, 2022

enjoyable communication is more important than ever. marketers are bringing brands and products to life in experiences across the sectors from FMCG to finance to professional services but what are the best tools for success?


Trends that impact the world of business begin in the wider world. Marketeers are consumers too and subject to the same changes in attitudes and behaviour that affect the world they serve.

We know that 65% of brands say that events and experiential programs are directly related to sales (Event Marketer 2019) and that 87% of customers change their opinion of a brand after a live experience (The value of experiential marketing, 2018).

But what does that mean for 2022?

32% of B2B and 15% of B2C marketers are looking into AR/VR and gamification is popular for B2C marketers where AI Chatbots are much more popular for B2B marketers. Getting creative with delivery – whether hybrid or in person – is the key to cutting through in a market that needs to create engagement after two years of stagnation.


what can you do?


Devise an experiential expression of your brand – The way your brand behaves in a physical space isn’t just about logos and pantones. It runs from how your hosts are dressed and speak to what technology is appropriate to your brand. Defining this will help you create appropriate experiences.

Understand that experiences drive conversion – Be sure to tie conversion into your experiential. It helps measure performance and justifies strategy, but more importantly it helps the bottom line!

As your customers seek more information and control over what they consume, marketers can create better connections through experiences that let customers deep dive into your brand, creating understanding and, through that, trust.


who’s doing it well?


Mastercard – with a sound, a taste and immersive experiences designed to bring Mastercard to life, this brand are on the front foot of experiential expression

Snapchat – Snapchat’s Virtual conference earlier this year used the technology of the brand to deliver an on-point B2B experience. Speakers were enhanced using AR. There was playfulness and engagement – and it was all on brand.


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